Modern Safety Services revolves around constructing targeted technology solutions for companies which can included but not limited to: custom databases, tracking software, HR/Safety tools, youtube creation, etc.

This page revolves around providing all people who travel the roads (whether for work or play) information, training documents and videos pertaining to the safe operation of motor vehicles, especially commercial motor vehicles (CMV). While this page is geared towards the residents of Wyoming, there are great resources no matter your zip code.

Much of the information garnered on this site is developed in conjunction with the Wyoming Transportation Safety Coalition. The official mission of the coalition is reducing work-related transportation fatalities through education, training and working relationships with stakeholders charged with overseeing transportation in Wyoming. The coalition is a proactive organization working to develop processes that will aid in reducing transportation fatalities on the roadways of Wyoming.

This is that disclaimer where the author states the Coalition is not directly responsible for the content published on this page. If you would like to learn more about the Coalition and its background here’s a great article to read; or read the TSC link above.