CatchNET System

This video is a quick introduction to the CatchNET System.

The CatchNET system is comprised of a series of nets set up along a truck escape ramp. The array of nets is arranged to stop the vehicle in the distance allowed, while minimizing the deceleration forces. These nets made of aircraft cable can have one or two energy absorbers connected on each side. The energy absorbers, in turn are mounted within the concrete walls of the truck escape ramp.

The variable involved with determining the stopping distance and ‘g’ load response of a system are vehicle weight, vehicle speed and net width. CatchNET system has been designed to stop a wide range of vehicles now as large as 110,000 lbs. traveling at 100 mph.

CatchNET energy absorbers use a patented “metal bender” principle for absorbing energy, which provides the means to stop vehicles of varying weights and speeds. The absorbers are primarily comprised of a changer, a length of metal tape and a series of offset pins.

As the metal tape is pulled through the series of offset pins, the tape is bent back and forth beyond its yield point. The process of bending the metal beyond its yield point is the principal mechanism for absorbing the energy of impact.

The absorbers utilize few moving parts, making them virtually maintenance free. Following an arrestment, the system can be quickly returned to service by replacing the metal tapes with minimal time and effort.